Mail House

TPI fully manages the mailing of all jobs in-house rather than outsourcing to a third-party mailing operation.  This increases the speed and accuracy of your mailing, and allows us to complete our QC checks prior to any mail leaving our doors.

With a full-time USPS staff working on-site at TPI, as well as our own mail operations experts, we are able to accurately and efficiently handle all of your mailing, shipping, and distribution needs without any unnecessary delays.

In order to ensure timely delivery and efficiency in postage costs, TPI integrates our delivery options with technologies such as BCC Mail Manager and essential merge, purge, and NCOA list services.  This optimized approach to mailing reduces costs and minimizes the distance between our manufacturing facility and our customers.

Additionally, we offer PVDS service for all jobs to ensure your mailings are routed through the proper postal facilities to increase the speed of delivery, without the need to ship First Class.