e+Mail puzzle pieceHow do your marketing pieces
fit together?

Personalized, timely integrated marketing allows for immediate contact with customers and prospects. With TPI’s resources, you can incorporate offer-driven complex variables into your email, SMS, PURLs and print programs.


  • Triggered messages achieve 119% higher response rate
  • Email use on smart phones and tablets has risen 80% in the past six months


As a strictly opt-in based communication tool, SMS messaging gives you the means to speak directly to loyal customers.

  • More than 90% of SMS messages are opened
  • Most SMS messages are opened in less than 5 minutes


Your print materials are the foundation of your marketing campaign, on which every other piece is built. As the leader in Variable Data Printing, TPI can integrate dozens, even hundreds, of data fields for your mailings.

  • 2D barcode technology
  • 4-color digital printing
  • On-site USPS drop shipping
  • Track N Trace

PURLse+Mail Logo

Personalized URLs merge traditional direct mail with targeted, interactive marketing.

  • Each prospect receives only relevant information
  • Your customer relationships become more meaningful