My Offers App

TPI’s My Offers App is the only Casino Centric App Delivering:

  • Proven ROI
  • Found Money
  • Incremental Revenue

After three years in development, TPI is proud to unveil the My Offers App®(MOA); the only casino-centric app on the market that allows for direct casino-to-consumer communication. This isn’t simply an informational app, mobile website, or Play-For-Free social gaming environment; it’s an immediate reactive and responsive direct marketing tool that extends across all demographics and their respective devices. With the MOA, and its supporting CMS, not only will you be first to reach your existing and prospective players, but, you can do it with ease and confidence in knowing that the right offers are going to right players, and, by the right mediums.


With one data submission, TPI will synchronize your direct mail offers on the phone. Submit new data for an organic campaign and TPI will provide the data integration and programming for your mobile app delivery. My Offers App houses your players’ entire offers library, and upon initial login, they are available for redemption with one touch of the home screen.


The fastest way to connect players with your casino, My Offers App allows for variable push messaging that will increase visits, generate sales, drive brand engagement, and boost return business.


Don’t just take it from us. Here are just a few things our customers have to say about the My Offers App:

“When we took took all the revenue into account and compared it to cost, we were blown away to discover that we had effectively paid for the entire app for a year, with just two push notification offers. Anything from this point forward is found money that we didn’t have before”

- Steve Neely, Chief Marketing Officer, Casino Del Sol

“The TPI Team has been amazing to work with on the development of our casino app! They have been extremely helpful, responsive, and available throughout the project. They helped in every aspect of the design phase, to data submissions, to the content management on the backend. If you are looking to develop an app for your property, I would highly recommend TPI. You won’t be disappointed!”

- Samual Wedll, Marketing Manager, Blue Lake Hotel & Casino

“We see approximately 30% increase in revenue from Push Messages containing variable offers, which is double our direct mail program.”

- Ryan Froberg, Director of Marketing, Casino Del Sol

“We were able to work hand in hand with TPI to put together what ended up being an app that just about every casino would benefit from, because it was really designed with the casino customer in mind.”

- Steve Neely, Chief Marketing Officer, Casino Del Sol

More with the My Offers App

  • Personalized Push Messages
    • 1-to-1 communications with your players
    • Truly variable push messages with rich images and links
    • Geotargeting
  • Custom Content Management
    • Multi-Property Functionality
    • Complex user permissions with defined roles for your employees to ensure quality assurance
    • One Touch RSVP Capabilities so players can email hosts directly
    • Upload your own offer matrices and offers via an Excel spreadsheet
  • App Features
    • Player Profile Page with Rewards Point Meter
    • Link to Tier Page
    • Reward Credit Balance on the Apps homepage
    • Easy for patrons of all ages to link their Rewards Account
  • Additional My Offers App Materials