9 Pillars

9-sided Dice

How We Roll

  1. 24/7 Production

    • Holidays and weekends are luxuries not afforded in our business. If our presses aren’t running, we are wasting valuable time, and money. To ensure every job is completed on time and meets our stringent quality standards, we run 3 shifts every day. This enables us to produce and mail an average of 500,000 printed pieces per day.
  2. Variable Data Printing

    • In order to be a trusted partner in variable data printing, you must possess three characteristics as a company: Experience, Expertise, and Equipment. At TPI, we have all the above, which enables us to execute high-quality, complex variable print pieces quickly and efficiently. Read more
  3. Variable Data Programming

    • With millions of dollars in cash vouchers and offers exposed in every variable mailing, don’t trust in just anyone to program high-risk variable content onto your direct mail pieces.  Leave it to the experts at TPI who deal with hundreds and thousands of variable data fields, recipient groups, offer combinations, and data points in every job. Read more
  4. 2D Barcode Validation

    • TPI strategically places 2D barcodes on every direct mail piece to be read by proprietary camera systems on all finishing equipment.  This ensures the accuracy of the content, prevents incorrect offers from reaching patrons, and eliminates unplanned financial exposure…Just one more step in our unprecedented QC procedures.
  5. Quality Control

    • Our full-time QC department rigorously reviews every job, checking for content accuracy, comparing variable to the original data matrices, and scanning barcodes for readability and accuracy.
    • Sure, that’s great, but we take it a step further with our proprietary Proof Document Reviewer software that can find even the smallest needle in the haystack. Each job is thoroughly examined using this software, leaving no error undetected through manual inspection.
    • Still not thorough enough? We don’t think so. At TPI, we take live press pulls while the job is printing and scan them in as pdfs for final client approval before mailing.
  6. Around-the-clock Project Management

    • What a relief it is to have knowledgeable and competent project managers taking care of your every concern and need as your job travels through production and into the mailstream.  They know variable print, and understand our customers. This gives them the foresight to predict preferences and mitigate any potential problems before they arise.  We refer to our project managers as MD’s because they are truly always on call, and have our customer’s best interests in mind.
  7. e+Mail

    • Although print materials comprise the core of most direct marketing initiatives, TPI’s  e+Mail, allows you to integrate communications via email, PURLs, and SMS messaging, either as separate functions, or in conjunction with your traditional print communication pieces. So let e+Mail fit all your direct marketing pieces together, utilizing the same quality and security standards you’ve come to trust from TPI. Read more
  8. Detached Mail Unit

    • At TPI, we mail 95% of the jobs we produce.  This makes adhering to postal regulations a major priority of ours.  As a result, we have full-time USPS staff and equipment on site to ensure all pieces entering the mailstream meet postal regulations.
  9. Mail Operations

    • As postage and delivery are often times the largest expense and cause of headaches in a direct mail campaign, our mail operations experts are integral in the planning of each campaign.  They ensure the project meets postal compliance standards by examining paperweight, size, indicia, and mail panel design, while determining the best entry points for drop shipments.  This maximizes cost-efficiencies and optimizes delivery methods to get your communication into the hands of your patrons on time, every time.